Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dating to Not Regret

Everyone wants to be in love.  It doesn't stop because life is busy it just becomes complicated to fit it in.  I work full time as a teacher.  A job I love but that takes a lot of energy.  I then also have full custody of two beautiful young boys who, again, I adore but take a tremendous amount of energy!  When I do manage to get some time off going on a first date is the LAST thing I want to do!   I'm busy now and quite content actually.  I have a job I love and my boys take up the rest of my time.  Although the thought of being in a relationship is nice it's not something that I feel is imperative to my immediate happiness.  I feel quite fulfilled as it is so why would I waste the precious few moments of relaxation into the ultra stressful event of a first date!  Well, mostly because I know that I do want a happy fulfilling relationship eventually and I don't want to ever look back and say that I never even tried.
I hate dating!  The thought of meeting a man for a first date makes me feel sick to my stomach and very unwell.  Every time I have ever been on my way to a first date I would ask myself: "why do you put yourself through this misery?  It's the most uncomfortable thing I could put myself through.  I must be a masochist!" ... Well, not really, I just, like most people, want to be in love.  I really like the idea of growing old with someone.  I figure I'm young, early 30's and if I don't at least try, will I regret it 15 years from now when my boys are about ready to start their own lives and I will be alone with a very quiet empty nest?
So I'm going to keep trying and going to set up my online profile and squeeze it in in the moments few and far between when the boys are with their father or being babysat by my father or brother.  Maybe it will work out, maybe it will just give me some funny stories to share, a few free coffees or maybe I will meet the love of my life.... anything is possible! Gotta stay optimistic!