Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kids Clothes

Kids grow so fast I feel like I'm always buying them new clothes. It can get really expensive! I'm lucky that I have two boys close in age so I can use hand-me-downs for my youngest son but I'm still always looking for good sales. I came across I really great Canadian store for kids clothes: Please Mum. I live in Quebec, so unfortunately there are no actual Please Mum boutiques around here but I have ordered from their website quite a few times. They have really nice, good quality clothes at reasonable prices. I often shop in the clearance section and I am amazed at some of the deals I can get. There is even free shipping when you spend over $100. On top of the clearance prices there are often also specials that happen periodically. I was really impressed with the quality especially for the price that I paid. Check it out!!


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  1. Thank you for passing on the site, I cant seem to find great clothes for less either